Basic French Course

Basic French Language Course. Learn French with Woodward French.

Free French Language Course – Basic French

Basic lessons for learning French.

Most of these articles (= lessons) are my personal notes while learning the French language. They come from my questions to French teachers as well as from my own investigation. I have also created charts and images to help reinforce the language concepts that need to be learned and I hope you find them useful too. (French teachers are also welcome to use them in their classes).

Most lessons will have a quiz to practice the grammar or vocabulary (or both) being taught in that lesson. The questions and answers in the French Quizzes are automatically reordered should you want to do that quiz again (great for reinforcing). *** The quizzes are only for registered users *** (Registration currently not available)

NOTE: This French language course is a work in progress.

I not only double check, but triple check all grammar and vocabulary in these French lessons (I’m bit of a perfectionist). If for some reason you see an error or can think of a better way of explaining something, please let me know via social media (Facebook or Twitter).

I hope you find this Basic French course useful.

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