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Coming soon … grammar rules, vocabulary charts and many more resources for students and teachers of the French language.

First some background…

I’m from New Zealand though I have lived in Chile for many years. Languages have always fascinated me, I mean, who else goes to university to learn Arabic as a hobby? This interest in languages was the main reason for coming to Chile in the first place and one of the things I really enjoy when visiting countries where I don’t speak their language.

My Chilean wife and I have owned and run a language school since 2002 and we have created A LOT of material for people learning either English or Spanish (on a side note, at one stage we were teaching 8 languages). To have an idea of the different resources we have created, check out Woodward English and Woodward Spanish. We absolutely love the positive feedback we have received and it has motivated us to continue helping others learning other languages, in this case French.

But what is Woodward French?

This is my journey to learning the French language, which I will be doing at the same time as learning Italian. I will share charts, images, personal notes and my general thoughts about learning French.

Note: All of our charts and resources will be/are checked by native speakers of French. If for some reason you do see a mistake slip in somewhere no matter how small it may be, please let us know so we can correct it.

We hope you find all of our resources useful.

And, if you are wondering how many languages I speak…. let’s just say…. I kind of know English a bit 🙂

Rob Woodward

Woodward French - Learn French online

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