French Days of the Week – Flash Cards & Charts


French Days of the Week Flash Cards / Charts

Les jours de la semaine en français



French Days of the Week Flash Cards and Charts

The flash cards contain the following words (and phrases): lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi, vendredi, samedi, dimanche, les jours de la semaine, les jours, de la, semaine, hier, aujourd’hui, demain.

There are normally 4 words per page and there is a dotted line around each flash card for ease of cutting.

We have also included a larger version with one day per page.

There are also two charts, each one on a A4 size page. One version is a list of the days of the week written in French, the second chart is a list of the days of the week in French with the corresponding translation in English next to it. These can be printed in color to use on the wall or can be photocopied and given to each student.

You may also want to laminate each cartoon chart and use them as large flash cards. Some teachers also photocopy these and make a booklet for students.

CONTENT: This pack contains 17 Pages:

  • Days of the week in French (only French) – (Wall Chart – A4) – (1 page)
  • Days of the week in French (with English translation) – (Wall Chart – A4) – (1 page)
  • Flash Cards – les jours de la semaine, les jours, de la, semaine (1 page)
  • Flash Cards – lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi, (1 page)
  • Flash Cards – vendredi, samedi, dimanche, a blank flash card (1 page)
  • Flash Cards – hier, aujourd’hui, demain (1 page)
  • Large Flash Cards – One day per page (7 pages)
  • Large Flash Cards – les jours de la semaine, hier, aujourd’hui, demain – One per page (4 pages)

LEVEL: Basic (CEFR – A1 Level)
AGE: Young learners
Format: .PDF

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